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Great coaches are the backbone of the league. Volunteers keep the wheels in motion. Judges make the tough decisions. WE NEED YOU!



The Studance Lab

Bonita is a world renowned bgirl who is bringing her voice and presence to the battle stage to lead and direct the YBL events.


Bboy House

Worth The Weight
Furious Styles Crew

Bboy House is a staple in the AZ Hip Hop Community. His a life long bboy of the world recognized Furious Styles Crew. He brings with him, his vast knowledge and understanding of breaking, and working with the Youth.

Our Coaches

Battle coaches are a critical part of the breaking league. The coaches have the important role of guiding the dancers through their batttles. They are tasked with helping the dancers strategize and think through each battle. They help by providing immediate feedback after their battles on how they can improve through future rounds.


The Studance Lab

Ika is a breaking instructor at The Studance Lab. He has been breaking many years, and loves to share his knowledge with the youth.



Michaela is a member of For The Love Krew. She has been an active bgirl for many years and ready to share her experience with the youth


The Studance Lab

Drew is a member of For The Love Krew, and is a breaking instructor at The Studance Lab.



Conrad has been breaking for many years and is a respected member of the Hip Hop community. He teaches breaking at JukeBox dance studio. He is an active traveler of the world, competing in competitions nationally and internationally.


Trouble Makerz

Teemo is a member of the Trouble Makerz dance crew and teaches breaking at the Phoenix Sports Academy.


The Studance Lab

Audrey is a member of the Blessed Fresh Crew and teaches at The Studance Lab.


Jukebox | Trouble Makerz

Accuracy, a member of the Trouble Makerz dancer crew (phx), teaches at the Phoenix Sports Academy and JukeBox in Gilbert, AZ.


The Studance Lab

Is the owner of The Studance Lab. He is the director of the Blessed Fresh Crew, and a long time member of For The Love Krew.